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Program Director

Dr Shane Jenks is the program director.  Read his welcome message here.

Assistant Program Director

Dr. Adrienne Madison is our assistant program director and the head of wellness at Kingwood.

Toxicology Director

Dr Spencer Greene is a world renowned toxicologist.  He trains our residents to become experts in the field.

Diversity Director

Dr. Barua-Nath is our favorite pediatrician and the head of Diversity & Inclusion 

Simulation Lab Director

Dr Lawal is the head of simulation and prepares residents for their board examinations.

EMS Director

Dr. Robert Dickson is the head of the MCHD ambulance system.  He trains residents in prehospital care and disaster managment.

Ultrasound Director

Dr Eric Lopez is our Ultrasound Director.

Education Director

Dr Jamal Rahimi is the head of education.  He is also the founder of Suture Buddy and teaches advanced suturing techniques.

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